organic matcha green tea powder (3 x 1kg)

    • 33024
    • 6.61 LBS

    Tootsi’s Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is a bright, jade green powder made from premium, finely-milled green tea leaves. Deeply earthy in flavor, matcha powder is powdery in texture and dissolves naturally in warm water. Matcha powder is ideal for adding to beverages, baked goods, vinaigrettes, and more.

    -          Certified organic
    -          Authentic matcha from Japan
    -          Healthier than regular green tea since matcha contains whole, ground leaves for digesting
    -          Loaded with chlorophyll; a powerful detoxifier that helps the body purge chemicals and harmful matters
    -          Natural energy booster
    -          Boosts metabolism; aids in weight loss
    -          15 x the health benefits of regular green tea
    -          70 x the antioxidants of orange juice
    -          9 x the beta carotene of spinach

    New to Matcha Green Tea? Let us simplify the preparation of this soothing and zen-like tea experience

    Ingredients for 1 cup of Tea:

    - 1 tsp Matcha
    - 1 cup of water at a temperature of 180°F (82°C)

    3 Easy Steps:

    1)      In a bowl, add hot water and whisk in order to warm the bowl. Discard water after a minute.

    2)      Bring 1 cup of water to temperature using a thermometer

    3)      Place 1 tsp of Matcha to the warm bowl then slowly add the hot water. Whisk rapidly until the mixture becomes frothy. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

    Nutrition Facts

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