plain orzo

    • 20250
    • 44.1 LBS
    Made with enriched durum semolina flour, Orzo is slightly nutty in flavor and creamy in texture since its long-grain shape releases more starch when cooking. Paired with any sauce or vinaigrette, Orzo is a light and refreshing addition to your pasta line-up.
    Always begin a pasta dish with bringing a deep pot of salted water to a roaring boil. Add Orzo and cook to a desired texture. When it comes to pasta, we believe it’s all about preference. If you enjoy what the Italian call al dente” then remove your pasta from the heat when it still has a little bite left to it. Like softer pasta? Let your Orzo cook until tender. Whichever way you enjoy Orzo, be sure to stir often to prevent your Orzo from clumping together or at the bottom of the pot.
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