natural cocoa powder 10-12%fat content 6/1kg

    • YCA200871000
    • 6 x 1 KG
    * Trademark of the Canadian Celiac Association. Used under license.
    Tootsi's Natural Cocoa Powder is obtained from dark, rich, and decadent cacao beans that have been slightly roasted before being ground into a fine powder ! Aromatic cocoa powder is made without the addition of sweeteners and concentrated in chocolate flavor, which pairs extraordinarily well in both sweet and savory applications.
    - Excellent source of fiber, protein, iron, and vitamin C.
    - Helps lower cholesterol levels to keep your heart healthy. 
    - Contains flavonoids; a powerful group of antioxidants knows as polyphenols, which help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and blood clots.
    Nutrition Facts

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