organic palladium mix

    • 32054
    • 25 LBS

    Tootsi’s Organic Palladium Mix is a blend of nuts and dried fruits. This mix includes flame raisins, green raisins, goji berries, mulberries, whole dry roasted almonds and cashews, and pistachio kernels. Organic Palladium Mix combines crunchy and chewy textures with sweet and nutty flavors. This mix is ideal for snacking, baking, or topping foods, such as granola, oats, cereal, salads, yogurt, and so much more.

    -          Certified organic
    -          A mix of dried fruits and nuts
    -          A source of protein, fiber, and iron
    -          Natural sugars found in dried fruits – no added sugar
    -          Nuts are source of heart-healthy of monounsaturated fats
    -          Cholesterol-free

    Nutrition Facts

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