organic goji adventure mix

    • 32047
    • 25 LBS
    A colorful, captivating, nutritionally-rich blend of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, our Organic Goji Adventure Mix will titillate your taste buds! Discover new flavors with every bite of this all-organic mix: sweet sultana raisins and bananas, earthy pumpkin seeds and almonds, with the added flavors of crunchy banana chips and rich soybeans to send you on a wild flavor journey! Just when you think you’ve tasted it all, exotic goji berries surprise the palette! You won’t be able to keep your hands off these sweet, tangy, nutty, and exciting flavors.
    We love mixing dried fruits and nuts together to bring you the best in nutrition. While nuts are high in protein and fiber, dried fruit is concentrated with vitamins and minerals since its water content has been removed. The addition of goji berries, a superfood, powers this mix with antioxidants! Blends like our Organic Goji Adventure Mix help provide essential nutrition our bodies need in order to function their best on a daily basis.
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