coconut roll dates

    • 10732
    • 18 LBS

    Tootsi’s Coconut Date Rolls are made of blended dates that are then rolled in freeze-dried shredded coconut without the addition of oil, fat, salt, or sugar. Soft, sweet, velvety date paste logs are paired with floral, nutty, crisp shredded coconut, and ate then topped with a blanched, whole almond; ideal for snacking, party favors, or as part of a dessert table.  

    -          Certified kosher
    -          Low-calorie, low-fat
    -          Contains fiber
    -          Coconuts are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic
    -          Dates contain fast-acting carbohydrates for boosts of energy before/after athletic or physical activity

    Nutrition Facts

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