elan organic sun-dried thompson raisins 8/225g

    • 08050
    • 8 x 225G
    * Trademark of the Canadian Celiac Association. Used under license.

    Elan Organic Sun-Dried Thompson Raisins are newly packaged in a convenient resealable bag. Fruity and naturally sweet, these raisins are ideal for snacking, cooking, baking, or topping foods, such as cereal, granola, yogurt, salads, and more.

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    -          Packaged in a 225g bag
    -          Certified organic and gluten-free
    -          GMO-free
    -          Vegan friendly
    -          Certified kosher
    -          Low-calorie
    -          Fat-free
    -          Contains fiber, protein, and iron

    Nutrition Facts

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