yupik 1kg - pitted prunes

    • 00205
    • 6 x 1KG

    Pitted Prunes are dried, plump, whole fruits without their pits. Naturally sweet and fruity in flavor, prunes are sticky and tender in texture. Pitted Prunes are ideal for snacking, baking, cooking, or topping foods. This product is packaged in 1kg bags x 6 per case.

    A few facts:

    -          Pitted prunes
    -          No added sugar
    -          Low in calories
    -          Non-fat
    -          Cholesterol-free
    -          A source of fiber and vitamin A
    -          Fast-acting carbohydrates for boosts of energy
    -          Natural diuretic

    About Yupik:

    Yupik is home to 1200+ products ranging from classic pantry essentials, a plethora of candy confections, a variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, unique and up-to-date superfoods, organics, and so much more.

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