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    As a precautionary measure, we are recalling lot KAL HS 005 11 20 TIMC, item code 30080, of Tootsi’s organic sesame seeds in bulk, and lots 21047 (BB: 2022 AU 16) and 21030 (BB: 2022 JL 30) of Elan organic sesame seeds due to a possible risk of salmonella contamination, which may lead to short-term or non-life-threatening health problems if consumed. If you have products from these lots (lot numbers printed on the back of the bags), please dispose of them. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Since the beginning, Tootsi and Elan have been brands known for their safe food products as well as supplying high-quality and nutritious organic food. We are committed to maintaining this standard for our customers so that they can enjoy these products with peace of mind. Please rest assured that our entire supply chain and quality control teams are working relentlessly to ensure we have systems and controls in place to deliver only the best, as you have come to expect of us over the past years.

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